Karlik Tube Preamp

The preamp Karlík TP-1 was originally built for Studio SONO’s use only. When the client came to the studio and heard the sound of the preamp he decided to buy the preamp. This resulted in repeated purchases more and more often. Usually, we had to unscrew the preamp from the studio rack and the clients would leave with it after the recording session was finished. Mr. A. R. Rahman for example took two pieces of the preamp to Hollywood because this way he was able to hear his symphonical music through 26 channels of preamp like he could never do before.

Thanks to the growing interest we started to build and sell a small series of TP-1 preamps.


The records made through the preamp Karlík TP-1 received two Oscar Awards for the best film music and also a nomination for the Grammy Award, and a few czech Awards Andel during the last few years, as well as satisfied customers and users among the industry top musical personalities.